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Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning requires high level of pledge to safety and experiences.  Prior to all standards, cargoes will be removed completely and up to "Safe for Man Enter & Safe for Hot Work" standard.


Ship Painting

Our company is trained to identify the right paint to use and method to apply the paint to give your boat maximum protection.

ship repair1.jpg

Ship Repair

Repair and replacement works for ladders, gratings, valves , funnel , gangway, bollards, ship renaming, pipe supports, air-conditioning problems, heat exchangers etc. 


Power Tooling

Onboard works for power tooling and blasting work


Insulation Work

Fabricate insulations, repairs and installation on pipes, bulkheads, valves etc.

Shipside Name Writing

Applying the right type of painting on the ship will make it easy to maintain and improve the look of the Vessel. 


Blasting Painting

Our company's expertise in blasting painting will help repair and protect damage metal surface in ships or structure.

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Together with our partner, we provide collection and disposal of your marine waste.

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